Why is Firefight safety switch(Rapid Shutdown) so Important?

Issuing time:2021-06-02 14:05

Fire is the main safety risk faced by solar system. And there are many reasons for fire in photovoltaic power stations. The equipment with high fire risk includes inverters, bush boxes, cables and components. As long as it is an electrical system, it has the risk of fire due to current. In addition, with the development of photovoltaic technology, the power levels and current voltages of photovoltaic products are constantly increasing. Photovoltaic systems have been upgraded from the original design of 600V to 1000V, and recently gradually to 1500V. Higher voltages are more likely to cause fires. The photovoltaic power plant fire presents a great challenge to the fire brigade. After the system fire, there will still be hundreds or even thousands of volts of high voltage, if the firefighters rushed to rescue, will pose a threat to the lives of firefighters.

However, if installed the firefighter safety switch( rapid shutdown), firefighters can quickly cut off the connections between components to rescue the power satation.

As for the fire safety , Thinkwe Firefighter safety switch( Rapid Shutdown ) could shutdown DC high voltage under roof, which protects both the building safety and personal safety of firefighters.

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